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Kevin Truitt of Tru Limousine in Linden, N.J., says, “Prom statistics give me the ability to gauge rates. I look at my report and know when my phone is going to ring.” But the key, he explains, “is not just knowing prom statistics, but applying basic business principles such as supply and demand to achieve greater sales.”

14 Benefits of

Prom Date Report

The Prom Date Report is a valuable tool that helps you plan your outreach efforts during prom season.  In general, you may know the duration and the beginning and end of prom buying season.

The Prom Date Report goes beyond generalities by giving you the detail you need to conceptualize, plan, and execute a marketing campaign by relying on greater detail to help you penetrate your local market on a deeper and organic level on and offline.

With the Prom iNTEL™ Prom Date Report, you can:

  1. Know the prom dates of all the high schools in a specific county or region with great accuracy
  2. Stagger your marketing efforts during the entire prom season
  3. Strategically target schools and students in a pragmatic way
  4. Know the type of volume to expect at certain times
  5. Reach a larger number of teens at schools that have Junior and Senior Proms
  6. Tailor your marketing messages for senior banquets and dinners
  7. Identify schools that may award contracts to transportation providers to transport the entire senior class from pre-prom to prom
  8. Personalize your pitch to prom teens and parents with your knowledge of the venue, prom dates, and times
  9. Confirm common knowledge of busiest prom night of the year (i.e. Long Island; most proms occur on the last Thursday in June)
  10. Target schools with proms on less common nights
  11. Supplement national brand campaigns with targeted local marketing
  12. Gain a competitive advantage
  13. Reduce costs
  14. Effectively geo-target teens

One complimentary Prom iNTEL™ Prom Date Report is available to our advertisers in good standing in the county of their main store or location around the magazine closing date in October.  This gives you ample time to plan for the prom season ahead.  After that, you will be notified of monthly updates, if any.  Additional reports are available for purchase at special rates.  Non-advertisers may also purchase reports.


  • Prom Dates - Long Island (Nassau/Suffolk Counties)

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